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Drupal Performance Analyzer

Test your Drupal site free to see how it compares to other sites in terms of performance. Get an overview on how your website is tuned and suggestions for performance measures you can take to further improve it.

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Submitted by Peggy Burns (not verified) on

Why don't you show a list of all tests that are being taken no matter if they failed or passed? Otherwise, cool idea! Thanks!

Submitted by Neerav Mehta (not verified) on

You guys have developed a nice tool here! :) I ran it on my site and it picked up that JS has not been aggregated (I had forgotten to enable aggregation after finishing JS debugging).

I have written a thorough post citing an exhaustive list of things you can do to improve page load time: I thought you may want to add to your automated system based on this checklist. For e.g. you could check whether critical CSS is inlined or not, images are responsive or not. That way you can make your system way more useful! I hope this helps.

Please note that this performance analysis tool ​intends to do a best guess on implementation of your server just by analysing its client side public responses, without access to the server as such. Therefore there is no guarantee that this guess is correct and complete. Equally, the outcome of the analysis might not be correct for your specific implementation. The analysis results should not be taken as a sole source of information when taking any server implementation adjustments. Please, see Legal disclaimer.