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Other references

Partners Financial Services - extranet

Extranet system for corporate and partners car fleet management.

Ministry of Industry and Trade - Intranet

the ministry intranet

Czech Railways - Intranet

intranet for 20k+ employees

Modrá pyramida - Extranet

extranet for the bank partners

Borgis Publishers

Intranet system for receiving news agency feeds

Economia Publishers

Intranet system for receiving and archiving textual and pictorial feeds from news agencies

Kooperativa Insurance

System for automated business cards and other documents approvals and generating with complex workflow, based on iPDF technology.

Tourist Centrum

Extensive extranet system managing a chain of currency exchange offices

Brockhaus/Bifab - Webbased Grammar Tools

Client side development of AJAX language tools web service, including plugins to WYSIWYG editors.

ČD Cargo - Intranet

corporate intranet