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Websites on CMS Drupal

Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform for online content and user communities.  It is developed, maintained and supported by a large community of developers. There are millions of sites powered by Drupal worldwide.

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Websites on CMS WebToDate

For years, large websites have been our strength and focus. We base our solutions on our proprietary publishing system, WebToDate, a core component of many major sites in the Czech Republic.
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Real-time Web Applications, Dispatch and Distributed Systems

Quickly evolving web technologies, web services and new innovative hardware devices (mobile phones, tablets, wearable electronics) open a whole new horizon of opportunities to build revolutionary systems that can change the way a business is going.
Do you want to monitor your network of branch offices or shops, efficiently manage courier service, taxicab operation or simply your sales reps? And all of it real-time?
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Custom Web Applications (PHP/SQL)

When your requirements are so specific that they can only be met through a custom approach, our experience of more than a decade of developing web applications makes us a natural partner for your project. All our projects, whether custom, Drupal or WebToDate based, have one thing in common - the complete project life cycle. Development is always preceded by a detailed analysis, which is based on a thorough discussion and specification of your needs.

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Plug-ins for Quark, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Macron develops custom extensions for DTP applications like QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign, as well as add-ins for Microsoft Office and specialised desktop applications.

Example projects include:

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Multimedia Development

During our long tenure in the localisation business, we have assembled a first class team of engineers with deep experience of custom development of multimedia products and computer games. We execute the entire project, from the first specifications up to the final testing, and insist on good planning and organisation in order to ensure that all deadlines are met, including, most importantly, the product release date.

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Localisation, Translation and Related Services

Our company has many years' experience localising various types of applications running on both Windows and MacOS operating systems based on the majority of the most common development environments, such as C++, Adobe Director, Adobe Flash, Visual Basic, XCode and more. This also includes adjusting and extending application source codes to fix potential language-specific problems and adapting functionality to meet the requirements of the specific target market.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile user experience is a usual part of the recent web and web application deliveries, whether as a packaged or native mobile apps, or a responsive or adaptive website designs. We are always carefully weighing what is the right choice for the specific use case. We prevent building mobile apps just for having a mobile app and vice versa.

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Intelligent PDF Forms

PDF documents are commonly used for read-only distribution of information. Yet Adobe’s Acrobat tools are capable of creating powerfully interactive PDF documents, with applications for things like form completion embedded within the PDF files. The application may facilitate entering data, processing it or sending it to the server.

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