Macron Software — "Intelligent Solutions"

Localisation, Translation and Related Services

Our company has many years' experience localising various types of applications running on both Windows and MacOS operating systems based on the majority of the most common development environments, such as C++, Adobe Director, Adobe Flash, Visual Basic, XCode and more. This also includes adjusting and extending application source codes to fix potential language-specific problems and adapting functionality to meet the requirements of the specific target market. In addition, we have extensive experience with software distribution tools, such as InstallShield for Windows and PackageMaker for Mac OS. 

Authoring multimedia content

We have been dealing with multimedia content since 2000 and have developed a first-rate knowledge of creating and editing various image, sound, animation, and video formats, utilising primarily Adobe products such as Photoshop, Director and Flash. When processing batches of files or data, we always strive for the greatest possible automation in making the task quick and accurate. We make extensive use of custom tools for batch conversion of file types such as DeBabelizer. When faced with non-standard tasks, we write our own automation scripts and tools (VBA, Rebol). 

Translation, DTP and other services

Our team of experienced translators and our use of the latest computer-aided translation systems such as SDL Trados, means we are able to offer excellent yet affordable translation services. Having thorough knowledge of desktop publishing (DTP) applications such as QuarkXPress or FrameMaker, we can easily handle any DTP and pre-press requirement. Using our proprietary QuarkToDate extension for QuarkXPress, we are able to decompile QXP documents automatically, which comes in handy when these files need to be imported into web publishing systems (such as WebToDate) or otherwise automatically processed. For efficient project management and seamless communication with our customers, we use our own proprietary web-based project management and bug tracking system.