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Mobile Apps

Mobile user experience is a usual part of the recent web and web application deliveries, whether as a packaged or native mobile apps, or a responsive or adaptive website designs. We are always carefully weighing what is the right choice for the specific use case. We prevent building mobile apps just for having a mobile app and vice versa.

We have built various sites featuring responsive designs. In terms of mobile apps, our technology of choice is PhoneGap (, especially for its versatility, efficiency and broad platform support. We can develop your app, test, submit to markets and support on various platforms.

As an example, there are two apps in our portfolio that are worth mentioning:

MojeObec (MyVillage)


MojeObec (MyVillage) is a client mobile app for our system called MOBISYS, which is used by villages and cities administrations for communicating with their citizens. The main features of MojeObec are the following:

  • receiving push messages with information from the village council (anything from information about events in the village to alerts on electricity outages etc.). User can subscribe to his own village or city as well as other places of interest.
  • customized “homepage” with updated information on the village – such as emergency contacts, opening hours of the council office etc. The content of the page is updated from the MOBISys server.
  • problems reporting – the user can take a photo (with the built-in camera or from the album), add a text as a description and send it to MOBISys server, together with GPS geolocation. That way people can report various problems that they found in the village (for example missing drainage cover, someone who blocked the road with whatever pile of sand etc.)

The app was developed in PhoneGap using several plugins (push messages, sms sender, nativecontrols, etc.) and is available on the markets for Android and iPhone.


Czech Football Association (FAČR) Mobile

FAČR Mobile is an app built for Football Association of the Czech Republic. It is a mobile front-end for the database of Association members – 0,6 million registered players.
There is quite obvious functionality of searching the database using a form. However, the main “beauty” of the app is that you can take a picture of the whole match roster on paper, which is then processed, sent to the server, OCRed and the results are sent back to the app as a list of players in the roster and information, whether they are registered, fees paid etc.
The app was developed in PhoneGap, available for Android and iPhone.