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Custom Web Applications (PHP/SQL)

When your requirements are so specific that they can only be met through a custom approach, our experience of more than a decade of developing web applications makes us a natural partner for your project. All our projects, whether custom, Drupal or WebToDate based, have one thing in common - the complete project life cycle. Development is always preceded by a detailed analysis, which is based on a thorough discussion and specification of your needs. The development phase itself is then followed by a careful series of steps involving functional testing, accessibility auditing, stress testing etc.

We will be happy to make you an offer whether you have special needs with regards to the functionality of your website, or whether you're after a completely specialised web application. In any case, leveraging Drupal with its extensive API as the custom application framework, makes the process extremely smooth and efficient. To learn more about our various services have a look at some of our reference projects. 

We have successfully implemented the following solutions: 
  • Text and image archive for press agency services. These are robust intranet solutions for editorial teams of newspapers and similar businesses, including software for receiving text and picture press services such as Reuters or ČTK and an image archive for storage and processing of large numbers of photographs and other image files. In addition to a web-based front-end for browsing, searching and adding items to the archive, these solutions provide plug-in modules for receiving feeds from various agencies. 
  • Extranet for a chain of currency exchange offices. This is an application for communication between the various branches and the head office, distributing information such as exchange rates, rosters, sales reports, currency reserves and orders. Other features include instant messaging, image database of banknotes etc. The application is also linked to various MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • A database of periodicals and audiovisual recordings. This interactive intranet application manages a database that automatically synchronises selected data with a government authority website.
  • Spellchecking application that can be embedded in a webpage. This application is based on AJAX technology and uses the SOAP service to check spelling and grammar. It can be integrated into web pages or third-party applications.

We offer our clients technical support during the whole life cycle of the application’s development, starting with the preliminary requirements and continuing through analysis, development, testing, compiling of documentation, and final deployment to the client's server and follow-on technical support. We have extensive experience in integrating such applications with third-party solutions to act both as data sources and data targets.